Our Cloud-based solution will revolutionise your operations

The Business Experience

Are you tired of manual and time-consuming processes for your ferry business?

Ferryhawk is the cloud-based solution that can revolutionise your operations.

Our software is specifically designed for vehicle and passenger ferries, automating and simplifying your business processes in all areas.

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Fare Modelling/Dynamic Pricing Control

Our unique AI based pricing engine – ‘PriceMax’ – helps you to automatically adjust operations based on seasonality, demand response, vehicle size and weight enabling businesses to capture maximum value at each individual booking level.

Effective Loading

Our platform takes into consideration meterage and available car spaces when calculating availability to ensure that you use every inch of useable space on your vessel.

Weight Registry

Ferryhawk allows owners to assign specific weights to vehicles to ensure that the vessels are not overloaded.

Increased Security for Staff

Remove the need for staff to handle any cash as all purchases are made via the interface.

Additional Add on Purchase

Customers can be given the option to pre purchase additional items prior to boarding such as promotional items, additional luggage, trolleys etc.

Ability to register multiple journeys

Offer passengers tickets to multiple locations with a simple drop down menu

QR Codes

Customers are sent a QR Code for each leg of their journey upon making a booking so staff can simply scan their phone upon check in

Easy Check In

Our clear easy to read interface makes passenger and vehicle check in a breeze. Staff can use a tablet or mobile device and the system is always live so there is no requirement for preloading or pre-printing manifests. Customers are sent a QR Code when they book which staff can scan on check in. Passengers can easily be moved between trips with full availability always on display.

Customer Communication Tools – email and SMS

Communicate with your customers on the fly to notify passengers of delays, promotions, and seasonal reminders.

Assist customers with Live Web chat

Reduce staff workload by utilising an AI Chat Interface to help customers get answers to frequently asked questions 24 hours a day

Revenue allocation by Travel Date

Allocate prepaid revenue by the date of travel rather than the date of booking.

Easy financial reporting

Easily gain access to financial and passenger reports on a daily weekly or monthly basis.

Other Reporting

Gain reports on items such as gift certificate, national parks vehicle permits etc.

Insight into first time travellers

Get more insight into your business by knowing how many new passengers are sailing with you. Use this information to provide welcome packs or just to know if your marketing campaigns are effective.

Increased revenue, gross profit, and online bookings

The Ferryhawk solution is designed to automatically capture every source of revenue for your business. Automatic allocation of cancellation fees and increased pricing closer to peak times etc means you can get the very most from your asset. Converting your business to an online booking model means staff no longer need to worry about conflict or discount requests.

Unlimited Set of Permissions

Assign different sets of permissions to different roles within your business.

Unlimited Staff Logins

All staff can have access to the system via their individual log ins if required.

Search Abilities

Search by Name, Number plate or Phone number to find a customer booking

Engage with your customers whilst increasing your revenue

The Customer Experience

Is your current bookings process tying up valuable staff time and causing confusion for your customers?

Do you want to improve the overall customer experience and ensure that each ferry can accommodate all vehicles safely and comfortably?

Our innovative live software solution gives customers complete control over their bookings and keeps the lines of communication open to ensure any changes or delays can be sent quickly and efficiently.

With built-in vehicle models, sizes, and weights, Ferryhawk can help prevent overbooking and streamline the entire booking process. Let Ferryhawk take your bookings process to the next level and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Super Clean User Interface via mobile device or PC

Our clean easy to read interface is a breeze to use on any device.

Bookings, Amendments and Cancellations via a single interface

Customers are able to make changes to their bookings themselves reducing the load on office staff.

Wait List Request

Passengers can put themselves on a waiting list if a trip is full and the system will advise when a space becomes available.

Ability to book additional luggage or services

Additional items can be put into the system to allow upsell of additional products and services.

Trip Specific Alerts, Seasonal Reminders, Offers and Promotions

Customers can be notified via SMS or email if a service is running late, or a new trip is added to the schedule.

QR Code for a simple check in

Customers receive a QR code with their booking confirmation for super simple check in

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